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Strictly Ballin2pac's friends

Shock G
He gave Tupac his real first break, he hired Tupac as a rodie and dancer for Digital Underground and was obvious that he really got to know Tupac in that time because he let him on their track 'same song' and was heard saying repeatedly that we shouldnít mourn for Tupac but appreciate him for his art 'Pac lived a short, fast, concentrated, an intense life. He lived a 70 year life in 25 years. He went out the way he wanted: in the glitter of the fast life, hit record on the charts, new movie in the can, and money in the pocket. All 'Pac wanted was to hear himself on the radio and see himself on the movie screen. He did all that --- and more.

Snoop Doggy Dogg
Tupac and Snoop met when Tupac joined Death Row. They made a number of tracks together and became good friends. Just before Tupac died, they were planning on more projects together, even movies. Apparently they had a small beef in the few days before Tupac died but Snoop said that they sorted it out. When Snoop was deciding whether he should marry his current wife, Tupac gave him good advice and now Snoop is happily married. Snoop still gives Tupac shout outs at almost every one of his concerts. The relationship that Tupac and Snoop have is one of the longest, strongest relationships in hip-hop history

Marlon Wayans
They met on the set of Above the Rim and became good friends. Marlon has said that being with Tupac wasnít like being with this gangsta that everyone made Tupac out to be. He laughed and joked and had a good time,' we used to go in the trailer and just crack jokes. We used to tease him and say he should cross out the T on his chest and change his image to HUG LIFE'

Gerard (High School Friend)
Gerard met Tupac in high school, in the Baltimore School for the arts. He wrote a book titled 'back in the day: my life and times with Tupac Shakur a in depth look at Tupac growing up. First time I ever saw Tupac, he was in eighth grade. I seen this kid that had this shirt with the old school iron-on letters, MC NEW YORK. And he was rhyming. All these people were around him -- even back then. We were adversaries at first, but we formed a crew. Born Busy and shit, MC New York, DJ Plain Terror, Ace Rocker, and my man D on the beat box. Taking mad peoples out--the invincible.' Tupac and Gerard were very close and grew up together. Even after Tupac had gotten a deal he had asked Gerard to come on tour with him and it was obvious he was one of the very few people Tupac put his guard down with.

Jada Pinkett
Tupac and Jada met in high school in the Baltimore School of Arts when they were teenagers. Itís clear that Tupac admired and respected Jada, this show through many of his poems dedicated to Tupac .Jada has done the same over the years. She even wanted to name her and Wills first child Tupac but Will didnít think it was appropriate to name his child after a 'criminal'. There was no sexual relationship between them but what they had was much deeper than any sexual relationship could ever be.

Mickey Rourke
He was one of Tupac's closest friends. In 1994 when Tupac was being trialed for different charges, Mickey was right there by his side. Mickey has a room in his house, dedicated to his close friends who've passed away. Itís a room filled with pictures of his friends. He has a small statue of the Virgin Mary on a table and a picture of him with Tupac next to it. He's said over and over again that he owed his life to Tupac, that Tupac helped change him and from the news of Tupacís death he kept changing because he knew thatís what Tupac would have wanted him to do.

Suge Knight
While Tupac was in jail Suge bailed him out in trade for joining death row. Tupac said that anything he didn't have Suge had and anything Suge didn't have he had so they made a great team. Tupac regarded Suge as one of his best friends and Suge regarded Tupac as another half of him which was a little brother.

Treach is one of Tupacís oldest friends in the industry, the met in 1990 while trying to get into the rap game with the help of Queen Latifa and Digital Underground. He did a incredibly heart felt tribute to Tupac in 1998 called Mourn You 'Til I Join You. The song tells us of the times he had with Tupac. Treach even cried during the video and has said that it was one of the hardest songs to record because he kept having to stop and collect himself .Treach has a tattoo on his arm of Tupac.

Mike Tyson
Tupac and Mike were good friends and he said that he used to give advice to Tupac and vise versa. Mike was one of the few people who wrote to Tupac while he was in jail and on September 7th 1996, Tyson defeated Bruce Seldon. He was going to meet up with Tupac at 662 to celebrate, but Tupac didn't make it because of obvious reasons. Mike has also played a big role in Thug Life, its been said that him and Tupac were going to start charities, etc. for the rights of children

Yolanda Whitaker (Yoyo) was very close to Tupac and his family. She went to visit him as soon as she heard about the news and said that he was trying to tell her something but she couldnít make out what.

Yafeu Fula (Kadifi)
Yafeu was Kadafi of The Outlawz and was Tupac's half brother, god brother and very close friend. Yafeu was 6 years younger than Tupac yet through everything he was there with him. He was one of the few genuine friends that Tupac had. However he was killed less than 2 months after Tupacís death, he was only 19. The LP The Rose That Grew From Concrete was dedicated to Yafeu and shows pictures of him and Tupac together as kids.